You are currently in Grondola, one of the few villages of the area which has not become deserted as the young leave in search of jobs in towns and cities. The villages of Braia, Bratto and the Borgallo are just three examples of such ‘ghost villages’ nearby. Not long ago these picturesque hamlets had over 100 inhabitants, now only a handful of people remain.
The question most often asked is: "What is needed to keep a village ‘alive’?". We hope that the love we have for Grondola, passed down to us from our parents, and where we have grown up , will suffice.

The Business: Federico Farm

Federico Farm (previously Azienda Agricola Musetti Angela) was founded in 1995 by our parents Angela and Marcello. In 2015 the management of the business passed on to Daniele. Our main aim has always been to think of, and implement, new ideas to build up and enhance our small farming business while creating an eco-friendly environment for visitors. .First and foremost, there is our AgriCampeggio so popular we are constantly trying to expand it without compromising on visitors’ comfort. Along with the more ‘traditional’ type of accommodation available in "La Casa del Sarto" and "La Cascina di Baruccia’’, our modern campsite allows visitors to explore and discover the beauties of Lunigiana the ‘hidden gem of Tuscany’. The chestnut grove "San Nicomede" is our most recent project. Work began in 2015 with the double aim of restoring the chestnut grove to its former splendour (when chestnut trees were considered ‘bread trees’ by the locals and therefore cultivated and cared for as their livelihood depended on them), and as a space for our animals to roam freely - a rarity in today's landscape dominated by intensive farming. During the summer, the chestnut grove provides shaded areas for campers.Last but not least, we must mention our collaboration with the "Cooperativa Giogallo", one of the most extensive ‘cooperative’ of the area (covering over 1400 hectares of land and with over 400 members).  Founded in 1980 to create a protected area for the foraging of wild mushrooms, its aims and ideals are similar to ours; constantly looking for ways to regenerate and revitalise our magnificent countryside in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. 

The Family

We are a large family:
  • Musetti Angela, degree in English and French. English teacher.
  • Federico Marcello, skilled mentor in the running of the business, always ready to give help.
  • Chiara, degree in English and Spanish.
  • Daniele, manager of the family business.
  • Michelangelo, degree in Engineering.
  • Alessandro, the youngest, still at school. 

What use is this valley to a family that comes from across the sea and knows nothing about the moon and the bonfires?
You must have grown up there and have it in your bones, like wine and polenta, and then you know it without needing to speak about it.

Cit. Cesare Pavese.