On this page there is information about the best trails in the area (in order of distance from us).
Click on the yellow button to access the position on Google Maps where the trail begins.

Wikiloc, with its GPS trails and waypoints, is a great way to organise your hike!
If you are familiar with other types of tracking software, download the file .gpx and import it into your favourite app.

Recommended Wikiloc trailFirst of all we have to mention the ‘StraGrondola’, a non-competitive race which takes place in and around Grondola on the 15th August (which in Italy is a national holiday).
It was the first of its kind to be organised in Lunigiana (from 1974).
A 5 Km trail along shaded, panoramic paths with finishing line in the village of Grondola.
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Recommended Wikiloc trails5 Km, can be done on foot, mtb bike or in a 4x4.
This trail takes you to the ‘rifugio Tozzi’.
Here you can have a picnic or barbecue, then set off again to reach the summits of Mount Giogallo and Molinatico.
Expert hikers can complete the ‘ring’ returning via Mount Pelata, Montelungo and Succisa.
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Recommended Wikiloc trails10 Km on the SP 39 takes you to the Brattello Forest, a magnificent place for a quiet walk surrounded by nature, and where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic.
From here you can choose from various CAI trails which go to: Mount Molinatico (gpx),  Cippo Del Borgallo (gpx) and Lago Verde (gpx) .
Recommended Wikiloc trails12 Km to the Lago Verde, a perfect place to enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature.
2 Km from the lake, and proceeding up-stream on foot, there is a picturesque waterfall.
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Recommended Wikiloc trail20 Km to the village of Pracchiola.
Here you can admire the Colombaia Waterfall and then proceed on foot to the waterfall – about 1 Km.
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Recommended Wikiloc trail25 Km to reach the ‘rifugio Enrico Mattei’.
From here it is 4 Km to reach the Tifoni shelter and another 3 Km to reach the summit of Mount Marmagna.
Expert hikers can complete the ‘ring’ by going as far as the ‘Lago Santo Parmense’. 
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Recommended Wikiloc trail40 Km to reach the Lag Dei shelter.
From here it is about 1 Km on foot to the picturesque Lago Santo Parmense. From the Lago Santo you can continue towards the summit of Mount Marmagna (about 4 Km).
Expert hikers can complete the ‘ring’ reaching the summit of Mount Aquila.
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