Federico Farm has spacious areas for camper vans and tents.
More than 4 hectares of land immersed in pine and chestnut forests.
6000 square metres dedicated to a picturesque campsite surrounded by nature!

The chart shows the prices corresponding to the 2024 season. We advise to reserve a pitch before showing at the campsite, especially during high season.

AMENITIES (campsite):

Shared toilets/showers

Toilet paper & hand soap
No extra charge for hot water
Electricity points in common areas
Shared barbecues

Shared hammocks
Table & chairs
Free Wi-Fi & parking

Washing machine upon reservation (5 ) 

Electricity at the pitch is optional (till 500 W - NO ELECTRIC STOVES)


Tradition area of the Campsite. Very near to the facilities.
Nearest bathrooms at maximum 60 meters.
Hot showers at maximum 100 meters.


New area of the Campsite. It offers huge spaces.
Nearest bathrooms at maximum 80 meters.
Hot showers at maximum 200 meters.

This chestnut grove, located on the Grondola plateau (known as "La piana"), takes its name from the patron saint of the village. Here, you can admire the stone on which, since the 15th century, the wooden statue of Nicomede has been placed. During this celebration, every year on the 15th of September, the saint is rotated in the direction of the four cardinal points so that he can pray for good harvests and the protection of livestock.

Since ancient times, this "locus amoenus" has been associated with fortune and the influence of positive energies. To this day, this belief is confirmed by the numerous and substantial positive experiences of guests who have had the fortune to stay nearby. Whether this is due to forces unknown to us or simply the power of nature, we leave it for you to decide. What we are certain of is that you will leave with a smile

Various shower rooms with a total of: 9 wash basins, 9 toilets, 7 bidets, 7 showers with hot water, 2 solar showers.
5 sinks to wash dishes.
3 hair dryers.
Toilet paper and hand soap.